Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Narrative Picture Essay

Exercise: Narrative picture essay (5-15 photographs)

This project required me to set myself an assignment and then photograph it. As the title suggests this was to tell a story using between 5-15 photographs. 

I chose to photograph a crossing of the Torpoint car ferry from Plymouth Devon across the river Tamer to Torpoint Cornwall. 

With the well documented weather problems that have plagued my attempts to complete this course on time, this exercise was completed in a short weather window of a few hours and a few trips backwards and forwards across the Tamar. 

I tried where possible to take each shot from different angles, but the due to the fact most of the ferry was off limits to the general public I had to take most of the photographs from the public areas. Once the shoot was completed and I reviewed the photos, it took some considerable time to decide which ones to use, and then a further day arranging them to find a suitable final arrangement. 

The majority of images were taken in landscape, and with hindsight I would have done more in portrait. In the end quite a lot of the images were cropped to achieve the result shown.

I am quite happy at the way it has turned out and certainly learned a lot about the preplanning and execution of the shoot, I had made notes about what shots I wanted and where I wanted them, but didn't stick to it as closely as I should have. As Michael Freeman states in his book ' The Photographers Story' "Photo stories do not always go according to plan. In fact, if they did, they would hardly be worth doing, so this is not something to fret about" (pg 112). 

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