Friday, 31 January 2014

Assignment 5

Assignment 5 - Applying the techniques of illustration and narrative

For this assignment I had tried several different topics, all had been thwarted by the poor weather we have been having in the UK. So in the end I had to opt for a studio based assignment.  

The subject I choose was how to bake an American Key Lime Pie. The brief was to photograph a step by step guide for a fictional magazine called 'Tasty Desserts'

I used a Nikon D300 fitted with a 18-50mm f2.8 lens and two studio lights, one fitted with a soft box and the other a reflective umbrella. All the photographs were taken in and around the kitchen as I wanted to keep a homely feel to the images, keeping the theme of home baking. Shooting within the kitchen presented its own challenges with restricted areas caused by the kitchen units and work surfaces. 

The title page showing the finished Key Lime Pie in a home Kitchen setting, inline with the sub heading 'The magazine for the home baker'

Page 2

A close up of the finished pie and a small amount of text outlying the recipe and where it comes from.

Page 3 

Ingredients, the three photographs where taken in such a way as to create symmetry with the limes. I think this has worked quite well in this instance. 

Page 4 

These photographs show the beginings of the bake. They were shot and placed on the page in such a way to cause the reader to view them in a clockwise direction. 

Page 5 

Another clockwise arrangement. 

Page 6

The two smaller photographs of the limes were cropped to fit this arrangement on the page. The idea of the small images to me fitted the 'zest and juice the limes' caption. 

Page 7

The final page showing the completed Key Lime Pie. 

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