Saturday, 4 January 2014

Evidence of Action

Exercise: Evidence of action (1 photograph)

For this exercise I needed to produce a single photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened. 

You can see examples of this in advertising in magazines and posters, and I have shown below concepts that are regularly depicted in advertising. 

Car and house insurance companies are a big user of this type of photograph. Take the logo here, the cupped hands suggesting that the company will take great care of your pride and joy. 

With this advert the company is suggesting that they can deal with any medical problem due to the years they have been trading. 

With this advertisement for a well known meal replacement drink, the connection is brilliantly done, without doubt my favourite. 

Anti smoking adverts are usually done in such a way as to suggest the effects of smoking on your health, some of these quite rightly can be quite shocking. With this photograph the connection is a hospital bed in the colours of a cigarette. 

This advertisement is depicting that you can invest online, anytime, anywhere and doing whatever.

You can see that this type of photograph is more common than you first thought. 

So to the photograph taken for this exercise, I wanted to show the connection between the broken eggs shells and the dirty plate asking the question of the viewer 'what was just eaten?' Depicting evidence of action. In my opinion this has the feeling of a William Eggelston type photograph

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  1. Rich, just having a look at you blog among other blogs to see how you are getting on. It all looks great. I am on my 5 module of AoP and seeing how you presented you work for assessment was really useful so thank you for sharing that. Claire.