Saturday, 4 January 2014


Exercise: Symbols

For this exercise I was not required to take any photographs but to list symbols for a number of concepts. Symbols that I could use in a photograph to show the following listed subjects. 

The subjects are growth, excess, crime, silence and poverty. 

Growth - The most obvious photograph to show growth would be a small shoot of a plant pushing through the soil. Another way of showing growth in a investment type scenario would be coins stacked up in rows with the stacks getting bigger as you view it left to right. 

Excess - A photograph of a person with a large number of gold rings/necklaces etc, an expensive car, Rolls Royce or Ferrari parked outside an exclusive shop such as Harrods. At the other end of the scale an overweight person eating a large amount of take away food could be taken as an example of excess.

Crime - A police officer photographed next to a police cordon with scenes of crime officers working behind. A simple photograph of a pair of handcuffs or the marked outline of where a body was found suggesting a crime had been committed. 

Silence - The scene inside an old library with people sitting reading or studying. A portrait of a person with there index finger up to there lips suggest, shush, be quiet. 

Poverty - A photograph of a malnourished child with their arms outstretched as if asking for food. A person sleeping in the doorway outside at night in tatty clothes or a street scene in a shanty town for example the slums of Rio de Janeiro. 

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