Friday, 31 January 2014

Gallery Visit

Devon Guild of Craftsmen - Bovey Tracey 

On an impromptu visit to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen at Bovey Tracey, I came across an interesting exhibition of work by Alex Valentine.This was part of a larger exhibition of called 'Narrative Remains exploring the relationship between words and meaning'

Bold dogs look pink - Alex Valentine 

The main thread of the 'Narrative Remains' exhibition is to make us think about the huge influence of words and stories on our lives. 

The imaginative way that he has used the 4x4 tiles or a 'boggle' as he calls it to spell out 4 four letter words to inspire his photographic poems, shows a connection between the words and the photographs, which is sometimes funny and sometimes very thought provoking. 

In total there are eleven UK based artists displaying work in connection with this exhibition, including print, collage, enamel and ceramics. It is well worth a visit on a rainy day, and we've had a few of them lately!

Devon Guild of Craftmen - Narrative Remains

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