Friday, 3 January 2014


Exercise: Rain (1 photograph)

For this part I had to produce a single photograph, for an imaginary magazine cover, that would leave the viewer in no doubt about the subject. In this instant, as the name of the exercise suggests the subject is rain. 

Rain is something that we have had a lot of lately, so I thought this would be a relatively easy exercise. How wrong could I be, I didn't want the traditional image of a person with an umbrella I wanted something a little different. 

After some time trying different subjects in rainy conditions, I opted for a photograph for a fictional magazine called 'Country Living'. It was my intention to show a photograph for the front cover depicting flooded roads and vehicles driving through the water with the sub headline of the essential guide to driving in stormy weather.

When the photograph was taken is wasn't actually raining but the aftermath of the heavy rain was apparent with the flooded road, leaving the viewer in no doubt of what caused the flood. 

The brief for the photograph was to show rain. In addition to this I wanted to show rain in a rural location. The flooded road was chosen as it was a rural single track road, the Land Rover Discovery depicted driving through the flood water adding the country feel to the image. 

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